How Miley Cyrus Missed The Mark On Feminism

If you didn’t watch the VMAs on Sunday, let’s do a quick recap: Miley Cyrus did weird things with teddy bears and a foam finger, couldn’t keep her tongue inside of her mouth, and twerked on everything with a pulse. If you really want to watch it, you can check it out here. People are having a field day with Miley now. Between Miley Twerks On Famous Paintings to Miley Twerking On Things We Should Be Talking About, the world has clearly been seriously affected by the butt flapping of the once hyper-innocent Disney Channel star.

FOX News blamed feminism, calling the performance “what the end of the road looks like for the ‘women’s liberation’ movement.”

So now seems like a good time as any to talk about women’s liberation and how Miley Cyrus may have missed the mark (by a mile or so).

The objective of the women’s liberation movement is to allow women to do what they want with their bodies. So, in that respect, Miley should be the poster child. She did literally whatever she wanted with that body (mostly things that shouldn’t have happened). But where Miley missed the mark was when the focus moved from her talents (questionable at best, but we won’t. Now is not the time) to “what the hell are you doing there with your butt?” When the message you are conveying with your body overshadows everything you have worked for, it’s time to rethink yourself.

Furthermore, Miley didn’t just make her own body a disconnected sex object, she made her backup dancers objects as well. By dressing them in giant teddy bear costumes and committing seemingly non-consensual sexual acts against them, Miley’s performance essentially gave the middle finger to womankind just so she could give the middle finger to Walt Disney.  Was it worth it, Miley? We vote no. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget how offensive the recent development of her “urban sound” is (read that article, just do it).

Women in a power position (aka. Miley) have a responsibility to set an example – that’s basic life stuff 101 right there. The major examples Miley set on Sunday are as follows:

1. Don’t worry about singing well when you can just take your clothes off.
2. Married men with children are perfect targets for harmless twerking.
3. I do what I want because I’m a lady hear me roar #YOLO #LIVEYOURLIFE

We’re not here to judge the lady – she’s allowed to do what she wants. But this isn’t what feminism is about.

5 thoughts on “How Miley Cyrus Missed The Mark On Feminism

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  2. Loved this article, had this argument with a friend yesterday. Thanks for saying what I wasn’t able to put into words.

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